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My name is Zebulon Turrentine and I build concert classical guitars. When I first began as an independent luthier, I struggled to figure out which tuning machines were the most practical to use for my work. Like many, I turned to an online search, typing "classical guitar tuners" into Google, and like many at that time, I found the results from that search rather uninformative. Thus started this process of setting up a page that would initially be this link directory. Realizing the need and demand, this led to a larger project of providing classical guitarists and luthiers all over the world with this little accessory we use to tune our instruments.

With that said, this remains an idea in its infancy. My favorite part of this project is interacting with people all over the US and the world that share my love for the classical guitar. Because I sell guitars for over $7,000 USD the clientele I interact with is very limited, but through selling affordable classical guitar tuners online, I find I get to interact with classical guitarists and other luthiers at all different levels of participation in the marketplace.

So please don't hesitate to reach out with your questions, suggestions and salutations. I love to hear from you and I always do what I can to help.