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Here are classical guitar tuners for sale, tuner installation kits, and links to the various tuning machines available to players and luthiers today. Over time we hope to be adding more accessories and resources to our online store.

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Der Jung Tuning Machines

Der Jung Tuners

$35 - $85 USD

Der Jung, a Taiwan-based company, makes some of the best functioning tuners available for their price. The gears work very smoothly and will be very reliable.

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Tuning Machine Installation Kit

Installation Kit

$15 USD

After receiving many questions about tuner installation, this kit is offered to help create a successful installation and save you a trip to the hardware store.




$10 - $20 USD

If you are changing the tuning machines on your guitar then here are some strings I recommend in addition to a practicle humidifier and clip-on tuner solution.

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Charles Yirka

I replaced tuners in an old Aria mr100 and a new Cordoba SP12 with these. Cordoba was almost locking up! Very happy with bearing/roller type. Not expensive!


GustaĆ¼ & PdD

I can't believe how amazing these tuners are. I have guitars with Landstorfer, Sloane, and high end Gotoh tuners. And I honestly like these Der Jung 103 more, they are that good, and they are one fifth the price!! I just purchased another set. I highly recommend these tuners, totally love them.


Chester Campbell

One day, I noticed that the tuning machines on my Cordoba C10 guitar were having problems. The metal plates got bent out of shape and seemed to be getting worse. Eventually the sprocket on the bass side broke and no longer tuned up to concert pitch.
So I was searching online for a replacement when I found Zeb's website selling guitar tuners. I emailed Zeb asking for help and received a reply the same day. I had some fairly technical concerns and was impressed by how well Zeb understood my needs and made me feel welcome. He provided me with a webpage link for compatible tuning machines. It was specifically the model I was looking for, and what's more, they were reasonably priced. I placed the order on a Friday afternoon. Zeb shipped super fast and it arrived the following Tuesday!
The tuners for both bass and treble sides were neatly packaged in a box and arrived complete with screws. It was a perfect drop-fit for the Cordoba C10 headstock. Installation was easy because I didn't have to drill new holes. The tuners work perfectly! Now I can enjoy playing my guitar again. I am so happy that the new tuners look great and work well. And my Cordoba C10 is happy too. Thank you so much for your kind and efficient service, Zeb!

David Ta

David Dung Quoc Ta

"I give 5 stars for functionality, however all 4 - holding back 1 as I kind of wish they have some carving design on the plates (now that they are mounted :), and that the mounting screws are too long (8 mm from the cap). Normal headstock thickness is about 5 or 6 mm. Thus, an additional effort to trim them is required, better be installed by a tech with the right cutting tool, down to 4 mm something. Overall I still like them as they still look good and work well, the aluminum shaft and teflon bearing features are something to look for."

Tuning Machine Links

Here are external Website links to a variety of classical guitar tuners available today. Once again, these are external links to the manufacturer's Website. If we are missing a brand, then please let us know and will add it.

Graf Tuning Machines

Jorg Graf

A combination of precision engineering artistic creativity. See the latest tuners on this The Maple Guitar project.

Rodgers Tuners

Rodgers Tuning Machines

One of the most popular high end classical tuners available made in the USA.

Alessi Tuners

Alessi Tuning Machines

Nicolo Alessi from Italy is a favorite amoung many luthiers for providing a superb product for a reasonable price.

Scheller Tuners

Scheller Tuning Machines

Started by a german mechanical engineer influenced by historical machinists to create his own line of tuning machines.

Gilbert Tuners

Gilbert Tuning Machines

The late John Gilbert is a famed luthier and invented this practical and very serviceable design of tuning machines to use on his guitars.

Baljak Tuners

Baljak Tuning Machines

Baljak is a small tuning machine maker by the sea in Croatia with designs inspired by vintage navigational instruments.

Sloane Tuners

Sloane Tuning Machines

One of the best available machine sets. Made by Waverly

Rubner Tuners

Rubner Tuners

Founded in 1864 by Josef Rubner, they continue their tradition of creating quality machines with modern manufacturing technology.

Gotoh Tuners

Gotoh Tuning Machines

Gotoh is a Japanese comp4ny that started building tuning machines in the 1960's. The Gotoh Premium model is the "go-to" machine set for many professional luthiers.

Der Jung Tuners

Der Jung Tuners

A surprising quality for the price, the operation of these tuners will stand up to others that are three times the cost.

Schaller Tuners

Schaller Tuners

One of the early innovators of classical guitar tuning machines.


Schertler Tuners

Schertler tuning keys are engineered in Switzerland, using an improved bearing structure for accurate tuning up and down.

Robson Tuners

Robson Tuners

Robson is a company from the UK that seems to make attractive machines with unique plate engravings. They have a few different options of plate engraving, buttons and rollers.

Pagos Tuners

Pagos Tuners

Highest grade handcrafted guitar tuners for classical guitar, connecting the deep knowledge of luthiery, jewellery craftsmanship and the discerning musicians needs.

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Featured Project

Image of Graf Tuners

A recently completed custom maple project with handmade tuning machines by Jorg Graf