This is a one page overview of the various quality classical guitar tuning machines available to players and luthiers in today's market. See sets for sale HERE.

Graf Tuning Machines

Jorg Graf

A combination of precision engineering artistic creativity. See this set on The Maple Guitar

Rodgers Tuners

Rodgers Tuning Machines

One of the most popular high end machines available made in the USA.

Alessi Tuners

Alessi Tuning Machines

Nicolo Alessi from Italy is a favorite amoung many luthiers for providing a superb product for a reasonable price.

Scheller Tuners

Scheller Tuning Machines

A german mechanical engineer who draws from the historical machinists to create his own line of tuning machines.

Gilbert Tuners

Gilbert Tuning Machines

The late John Gilbert is a famed luthier and invented this practical and very servicable design of tuning machines to use on his guitars.

Baljak Tuners

Baljak Tuning Machines

Baljak is a small tuning machine maker by the sea in Croatia with designs inspired by vintage navigational instruments.

Sloane Tuners

Sloane Tuning Machines

One of the best available machine sets. Made by Waverly

Rubner Tuners

Rubner Tuners

Founded in 1864 by Josef Rubner, they continue their tradition of creating quality machines with modern manufacturing technology.

Gotoh Tuners

Gotoh Tuning Machines

Gotoh is a Japanese company that started building tuning machines in the 1960's. The Gotoh Premium model is the "go-to" machine set for many professional luthiers.

Der Jung Tuners

Der Jung Tuners

A surprising quality for the price, the operation of these tuners will stand up to others that are three times the cost.

Schaller Tuners

Schaller Tuners

One of the early innovators of classical guitar tuning machines.


Schertler Tuners

Schertler tuning keys are engineered in Switzerland, using an improved bearing structure for accurate tuning up and down.

Robson Tuners

Robson Tuners

Robson is a company from the UK that seems to make attractive machines with unique plate engravings. They have a few different options of plate engraving, buttons and rollers.

Sets for sale...

I am making available several of these Der Jung sets that I have been using for my guitars for about four or five years. I was in a period when customers were experiencing problems with the Schaller machines failing and the quality of the Der Jung machines truly ensured that I could offer my customers professional, reliable, friction free tuning for an unbeatable price. I have worked quite a bit with these and I will carefully inspect each set purchased to ensure they are in perfect working order prior to shipping. Interested? Call Zeb at 931.389.1218 or email me here.

Der Jung Tuners

Der Jung Tuners

Price = $60 USD / set (Free Shipping within the United States)

Der Jung Tuners

Black Buttons

This is a faux ebony button. This button with the black rollers are what is generally more fashionable nowadays.

Ivroid Buttons

Ivroid Buttons

This faux ivory offers a nice contrast with the black rollers. Most of my customers request the black buttons, but if you have some white accents in the design of your guitar then this might work better.

S4 Bearing

Bearing Assembly

These bearings fit very snug within a standard size classical tuner roller hole. I little bit of sanding might be required. The roller spacing is a standard 35mm.

About this site creator...

Zebulon Turrentine

Zebulon Turrentine

Building guitars worthy of all the hard work and dedication given by the best classical guitarists everyday.

I have initially built this site as an overview and portal to the quality classical guitar tuning machines that are available today. Hopefully it will provide others a quick glance at the market without having to sift through pages of search results. If you see any typos or misinformation, then please notify me through my main site contact form.